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蝶 也 鸟 in my head...
and I am able to see heaven
I don't usually draw... 
9th-Apr-2010 10:20 pm

Usually I don't draw when it comes to comics... But since I totally fell in love with tokidoki + Illustrator + vectors lol it just happened that I took my graphic tablet and started sketching... and yes it is pretty tokidoki inspired lol and yes it is just a sketch so it's not colored or anything and bear in mind that I never do /have done somthing like this/before so yes it may look stupid :D

 EDIT: I know I have to get back to some of you, I have not forgotten : ]

You will get a reply asap X]

10th-Apr-2010 08:04 am (UTC)
I think it's cool, especially the eyebrows.
For the lines being sketchy - it takes so lng to be able to do perfect lines on a tablet, even though it is so similar to a real pen? So that's pretty good already.

And for being heavily "inspired" by awesomw things, that is how you start drawing. You copy other things you like like crazy until you understand what's behind it and start to create your own, unique stuff. (I kept on drawing Elfquest characters with no end XD)
10th-Apr-2010 09:39 am (UTC)
ehh... they are eyebrows? I thought that they are eyes.. lol it seems so to me on tokidokis pictures :D well I think I was wrong ;;
Yes I feel the difference when sketching with the tablet.. I might take some more time and even more practice to get used to it (even though it is so much fun :D)

Hmmm thank you that is good to know. Usually I get very depressed very fast if I am not able to acomplish things from the beginning, and then I start thinking and doubting myself lol so I have to constantly reming myself that I am a beginner and it is natural not being perfect at all lol
Oh I would love to see your drawings ;~;
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