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蝶 也 鸟 in my head...
and I am able to see heaven
14th-Apr-2010 07:58 pm - d'uh!
klick me
9th-Apr-2010 10:20 pm - I don't usually draw...

Usually I don't draw when it comes to comics... But since I totally fell in love with tokidoki + Illustrator + vectors lol it just happened that I took my graphic tablet and started sketching... and yes it is pretty tokidoki inspired lol and yes it is just a sketch so it's not colored or anything and bear in mind that I never do /have done somthing like this/before so yes it may look stupid :D

 EDIT: I know I have to get back to some of you, I have not forgotten : ]

You will get a reply asap X]

7th-Apr-2010 06:05 pm - first time


made in Adobe Illustrator.. my first time using it lol

1st-Apr-2010 01:34 am - tiny smileys
WTF kuro
Oh my gosh I can't believe I did this lol I found such a nice and easy tutorial
how to make this little things in Photop and believe me or not, I just couldn't resist lol


lol smileys...Collapse )
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